The U.K. Business Network is a not for profit group run by Committee that supports local business leaders in setting up, and maintaining, a ‘Business Network’ group for their area.

The Committee, established in 2017, consists of the following members:

Chair – Simon Cox

Vice Chair – Sarah McCarron

Secretary – Emma Speirs

Treasurer – Debi Noone

Membership Secretary – Marie/Nigel Baker

Support Secretary – Robyn Allen

Officers – Carolyn Pearce, Nick Freeman, Ann Brebner

The Committee is made up of team members from the 7 original ‘Business Networks’, but it all began in June 2015 in Kettering with Simon Cox and the Kettering Business Network. Along with Sarah, Nick, Nigel and Marie, Simon grew the Network into something successful that could be replicated and there the journey began.

The difference between the networks within the UK Business Network and most other networking groups (not all) is that it’s not for profit. The £4.00 attendance fee, paid cash on the door, goes directly to the venue to reimburse them for their time, as well as teas, coffees and biscuits (if you’re very lucky) and £1 of that £4 goes to us for our running costs. All the team members that run the various groups are volunteers, as are the members of the UK Business Network Committee.

We want networking to be simple, no lock outs, no membership fees, no pressure but most of all friendly and fun! We encourage each group leader to make their group their own, whilst maintaining the key elements that make each meeting easily recognisable as a UK Business Network group.

If you want to know more about your local ‘Business Network, or more about the UK Business Network itself the please contact us or attend one of our meetings!